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Paty Valley

where sky kisses earth

paty valley

The Paty Valley trek with its spectacular views of the huge open plateaus and the majestic mountains, also boasts some spectacular swimming holes and waterfalls. It is easier than the Fumaça por Baixo walk, and is also possible to use mules for carrying equipment.

The Paty Valley is still home to a handful of families living off the land as they have done for the past 150 years. Although times have changed since the diamond era when many tonnes of coffee, bananas and manioc flour was produced here the families still farm using traditional methods. There is no electricity or mains water here and the nearest road is about an 18 km walk for most. Today some of the families are turning to tourism by allowing visitors to stay overnight in their houses and cooking meals for them. This not only means we can carry less with us but gives us a fascinating insight into how they survive in an ever changing world.

The Chapada Diamantina

subida guine
Achiving Vieiras´s plateau

1º day – From Capão, leave in the direction of the Paty Valley, walking across the Gerais do Veiras, passing by the João de Vítor Hill, stopping to swim in the Ancorado River. Visit the Ruinha church. Arrive to stay at Senor Wilson’s house late afternoon.





Cachoeirão view

2º day – (Optional) – It is possible to spend an extra day in the Valley to climb the impressive Castle Hill, enjoy the morning at the Funil Waterfalls and in the afternoon climb the hill to spend the night in an old hunting cave at the top and gaze at the impressive 360° views. Day 3 would see you coming down the hill for a big breakfast at Senor Wilson’s before continuing on to Senor Eduardo’s house as below.


Morro do castelo - Castle mountain

3º dia– Quiet day to relax. Spend an hour at the Funil Waterfall in the morning. In the afternoon walk though the valley passing the famous “Prefeitura” stop for a swim in a nearby pool, continue walking to Senor Eduardo’s house for overnight stay.




vale do capão
Capão Valley

4º dia – Today we leave the Paty Valley going up the Imperial Hill. This old trail was paved for the use of donkeys carrying coffee and other good to be sold at the markets in Andaraí. The trail is extremely steep but offers superb views of the valley as a final farewell. Once at the top of the Imperial Hill there is a long downhill hike again along paved trails to arrive in Andaraí in the afternoon.


What you need

walking shoes
swimming clothes
sun cream

Level of dificulty

Total walking expeditions: 80 km
20 km/day aproximately


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