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This stretch of the Santo Antonio River spreads across the land to create the Marimbus Wetland. This is a large fresh water swamp extending about 30km covered by semi-aquatic plants and home to an ever-decreasing population of terrapins, alligators, anacondas and many other amphibians, unfortunately very difficult to see, as well as a large number of fish and many species of birds.

Distance from Lençóis: 18 km (on dirt road) Time: 40 min. by car





The Region

house in the kilombo

The tiny village of Remanso, principally one family, has been mainly dependent on fishing until tourism was introduced a few years ago.
Distance from Lençóis: 18 km (on dirt road)
Time: 40 min. by car




Poço Azul

The meeting of this river and the River São José forms a beautiful and noisy waterfall, hence the name! Here are some fantastic natural pools for swimming.



What you need

walking shoes
swimming clothes
sun cream
Mosquito repellant

Level of dificulty

By car, 18 km along a dirt road to small village of Remanso, then 2 hours in a boat or kayak and a short walk to the Roncador river for swimming. Return to Remanso by boat


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